WARNING: These art works may cause feelings of hope, peace and exhilaration. Possible side effects include seeing the glass half full, faith in the future, and an increased appetite to dream big. Repeated encounters with this art may promote optimism, or trigger the desire to seize every moment. :)

My paintings are a respectful nod to centuries of influential African design and tradition. Colors, patterns and compositions pay tribute to ancestral heritages and cultures, yet maintain a direct contemporary vibe. Masks, portraits, birds, and fish are embellished with geometric motifs and designs that visually pop.

Airbrushed acrylics, holographic papers, glass beads, and jewelry are attached to wood panels and coated with high gloss poly-resin. The paintings appear as if they are stained glass, and lit from behind. The intentional stunning appearances leave viewers amazed and intrigued.

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