My paintings are a result of combining my foundational studio training with my interpretive spirit. For many years I have developed my imagination to think creatively and have experienced great personal satisfaction in creating from my mind's eye.

Merging both my visual ideas and inner feelings often results in images that are unique and surprising. Creating compositions that have harmonic rhythms, visual balance and pattern is important to me. The illusions of depth, recognizable shapes and faux textures blossom from my years of studio training in realism. This realistic touch establishes a unique interplay between geometrical abstract forms, light, shadow and space.

Self-expression and the confidence to embrace my imagination are all important in the creation of my work. The elaboration of geometrical forms in order to create visually lyrical images is my continued artistic ambition.

As an art educator, I firmly believe that my studio work directly influences my effectiveness as an instructor. Imparting studio and critical analysis skills to my students inspire and encourage them to create, learn and achieve high standards. Studio art education conveys knowledge and experiences not focused upon in other subjects. The arts transmit and preserve both artistic and cultural heritage for our society.

Note: All paintings are ready for hanging and will be shipped within 3 days of receipt of payment. Standard delivery via ground service only. Shipping and handling charges are NOT included. All sales and transactions are final.

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